In a chance meeting, now business partners, Rich Brummett and Doug Rasmussen began collaboration after Rich showed Doug the first prototype of a device designed for the removal and installation of automotive glass.  While the original design was heavy and had limited function, it demonstrated the ability of a vehicle mounted unit to have a significant impact on safety, accuracy and efficiency using just a single installer.  President Rich Brummett has over 40 years of experience in the auto glass industry and Vice President Doug Rasmussen came from a medical background focused on Rehabilitative Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Industrial safety.  The ZG3 (Zero Gravity Three) system evolved from two unique perspectives.  Rich's focus was on productivity and profitability, while Doug's focus was on safety, risk management and prevention of the high cost of injury.  After over a year of development and months of field testing, the ZG3 unit is now offered to auto glass installation businesses anywhere in the United States.