Q:   Will the ZG3 unit fit any vehicle?
A:   The ZG3 can be configured to fit on just about any type of vehicle that accepts roof-racks                     and/or ladder-racks.

Q:   How long does it take to set up the ZG3 unit?
A:   The set up for the ZG3 unit is very easy; simply attach the T-Bar suction cups approximately                  centered in the middle of the glass near the top near the area where a mirror bracket typically              resides.

Q:   Does the ZG3 require a lot of maintenance?
A:   The ZG3 requires minimal maintenance. Gantry roller bearings require no maintenance. The Pillow        Blocks with Grease Zerks may require periodic lubrication with a good quality marine grade                    grease found at your local hardware store. Visually check the ZG3 unit daily for any                                  abnormalities such as frayed cables or loose nuts and bolts as you would any piece of quality                machinery before you use it. Suction cups may require a rubber conditioner such as Glycerin€                  periodically to keep rubber soft and pliable.

Q:   Will the motors damage if they become wet?
A:   The motors are designed to function in cold/hot/wet/dry environments. In fact the ZG3 employs           motors similar to those you would find in an automotive car wash.

Q:   If the OEm cable becomes frayed or damaged, can I use any type of cabling for a replacement?
A:   NO!  The cable supplied with the ZG3 unit is specifically designed for the operational demands              for which it will be used.  Substituting any non-OEM cabling will void warranty and could cause            injury or even death.
Q:   What battery is required for the Control Grips?
A:   The Control Grips require a (2) round C2325 1.5 volt battery

Q:   What battery is required for to power the Motor Control Module?
A:   The Motor Control board require a rectangular Alkaline 9 volt battery.

Q:   The suction cups are losing vacuum, causing the red line to appear, how can I prevent this?
A:    It is a good idea to lightly spray the new glass with glass cleaner in the area where the suction             cup will be a\attached before vacuum is applied.

Q:   When removing a glass with the ZG3, what can I do if the area where I want to attach the suction         cups has a crack and wont vacuum?
A:   The ZG3 is very versatile and the T-Bar suction cups can be positioned to avoid most cracks                   that can result in loss of vacuum seal because the T-Bar can be positioned in almost any                           position and still function, the performance of the ZG3 is not compromised.

Q:   What is the height clearance on the ZG3 Mobile Unit?
A:   The clearance depends on the type of vehicle the ZG3 is installed on.