The ZG3 Mobile Unit has the same features as the In-Shop unit.  The ZG3 Mobile Unit can be installed on a wide range of service vehicles to provide mobile auto glass replacements. The mobile unit is also capable of servicing larger glass in semi's, RV's, construction and agricultural vehicles.  The ZG3 Mobile unit is a gantry system attached to the technicians' vehicle and operated by wireless remote control grips.  By design, the ZG3 requires no attachments to the vehicle being serviced.
The ZG3 mobile and in-shop units greatly reduce risks of immediate and repetitive injury associated with auto glass removal and installation. By using the ZG3, your business has more potential for greater profit, lower labor costs, lower worker's compensation premiums, marketability for your business, longer career life of your technicians and stronger recruiting of new technicians, just to name a few.

The ZG3 In-Shop unit allows a single installer to easily remove damaged automotive glass and set nearly any type of vehicle glass with the safety and accuracy of a two person set. It has great flexibility and can be configured to the shop space you have available.  The functionality of the ZG3 In-Shop Unit allows for the easy installation of any auto glass including windshields, back glass, moon/sun roofs, etc.